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Trout Stocking at Fort Indiantown Gap

***2014 Deer (Rifle) Season Lottery Results***

*FTIG Regulation 215-2 (Hunting, Fishing, Woodgathering, and Outdoor Recreation in the Training Areas)*

Recreational privileges and activities are permitted on Fort Indiantown Gap unless suspended by the Garrison Commander. As a result of limited staff resources, FTIG may suspend all recreational activities during holiday weekends when training is not scheduled.

NOTE: Anyone wishing to utilize Fort Indiantown Gap for hunting, trapping, fishing (in Training Areas closed to the general public) must attend an Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief once. Anyone older than 16 years old must pay a $30 access fee (both registration and fee are good until Spring Turkey Season 2015).

The access fee is waived for participants under 16 years old. We use access fees for the protection, conservation and management of fish and wildlife, including habitat restoration and improvement, biologist staff and support costs, and related activities, such as communicating with you.


Dates and Times of Orientation and Safety Briefings (2014)





10 August 2014

2 p.m.


13 August 2014

7 p.m.


07 September 2014

2 p.m.


10 September 2014

7 p.m.

The location of the Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief is at Building 8-80 (Academic Center) located on Service Road. The Academic Center is on Service Road just east of the stoplight on Fisher Avenue. Signs will be posted to assist in finding Building 8-80. Please utilize the parking lots East and South of 8-80; do not park in the grass. Please note the change from last year’s normal Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights.

1. The briefing will cover 1 year (September 2014-May 2015 seasons). Anyone under the age of 18 is required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
2. Participants must be attendance for the entire brief so arrive before the start time.
3. When you come to register at the Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief, you must provide the following documents:
Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, and Hunting/Fishing Licenses (for CID). Bring photocopies of the above documents as a photo copier may NOT be available.
4. All hunting and fishing at Fort Indiantown Gap will be conducted in accordance with State regulations, except where Fort Indiantown Gap regulations may be more restrictive than State fish and game regulations.
5. Violation of Fort Indiantown Gap regulations will be considered unauthorized activity and will result in the loss of your privileges and/or prosecution for criminal trespass.
6. Hunters under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult sponsor and must be close enough that verbal guidance is easily understood.
7. Mentored youth do not have to attend the Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief or obtain a button. Mentors (parent or guardian) are required to sign a Hold and Harmless Agreement available at Range Control Building 11-9.
8. All recreational users of Fort Indiantown Gap must become familiar with the boundaries of the training areas. Areas open for recreational activities will be posted each day at Fort Indiantown Gap Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility to inform the public. They are subject to change based on military training requirements. Click on the link below for the FTIG Training Site map.

Fort Indiantown Gap Training Map

1. A recording of available training areas is available by dialing (717) 861-2100.
2. This recording is subject to change. Individuals are required to check the official posted list of the available Training Areas at the Fort Indiantown Gap Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility each day. Listening to any recorded messages does not preclude anyone from this requirement. Recorded messages may not be 100% accurate.
3. All registered users must check in and out of Fort Indiantown Gap Outdoor Recreation Facility (on Service Road across from Range Operations Building 11-9). Each day, individuals will check for available areas and fill out a daily area permit and Outdoor Recreation Check IN/OUT form. Individuals may annotate a maximum of two available training areas on the daily permit. Hunting, scouting, fishing, wood gathering, and any other activity outside the boundaries of the area written on the daily permit is illegal.
4. Hunters may change hunting areas by properly filling out the check-in/out form and returning one daily area permit for another available area permit. Any person found hunting or other recreational activity at Fort Indiantown Gap who failed to check in/out will be treated as a trespasser, escorted off the installation, and will be subject to criminal prosecution.
5. At the end of each day/trip you must return to the Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility, place permit in the out box and complete the check IN/OUT form. Do not leave any blanks on sheet. Failure to comply will result will result in the temporary loss of your privileges.
6. The driver and every occupant of that vehicle must position their daily area permit on the front dashboard, face up, so that it is visible from the outside.
7. Registration button must be carried by participants. In the hunting license holder is recommended to avoid loss. Replacement buttons ($5) are available at Range Control.

1. A drive-through registration station is available near the Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility. Individuals with disabilities that wish to utilize Fort Indiantown Gap for hunting will adhere to the PA Game Code.
2. Individuals with disabilities may also utilize one of the 5 handicapped accessible hunting platforms located throughout the corridor.
3. Currently for hunting, the PA Game Commission issues permits to individuals to use a vehicle as a blind.
4. Click the below link to PA Game Commission Application for Disabled Person to Use a Vehicle as a Blind
5. Handicapped license plates and handicapped parking permits (issued by PA DOT) are not accepted substitutions for PA Game Commission permits and do not grant an individual any authorization to violate FTIG regulations. Any individual without a permit from the PA Game Commission is subject to all Post, State, and Federal regulations and laws.
6. Hunters with disabilities must possess a valid PA Game Commission disabled resident hunting document that states a vehicle can be used as a blind. Please provide a copy of this information when registering at an Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Briefing.
7. For further information on Handicap-Accessible Hunting at Fort Indiantown Gap call (717) 861-2152.

Fort Indiantown Gap is open for scouting and hunting from the first Saturday after Labor Day to end of Spring Turkey season, during established daylight hunting hours only. Hunting hours follow PA Game Commission guidelines.

The Training Site will restrict the number of hunters during high use periods for safety and quality of hunt reasons.
1. A lottery will be used to allocate the number of ALL hunters that may utilize FTIG North of Blue Mountain during regular Rifle Season. All participants (including youth) must pay the $10 lottery fee.
2. Details on the lottery will be explained during the mandatory Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief.
3. The list of persons allowed to access the Training Corridor (maximum of 125 per day if all Training Areas are open) will be posted on this website and the Fort Indiantown Gap Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility when the drawing is conducted in October.
4. Lottery does NOT apply to Training Areas (A1-A34 & C1) South of Blue Mountain.

FTIG is once again participating in the PA Game Commission's Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) this year. Coupons for DMAP will be distributed to hunters immediately after the Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief.
More info: http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt?open=514&objID=622401&mode=2

Additional information on DMAP is available at the Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility.

In cooperation with PA Game Commission, the installation has established an Earn-A-Buck program.
1. In order to reduce the over-population of deer south of Blue Mountain (Training Areas A1-A34 & C1) all archery hunters are required to harvest a FEMALE deer (preferably mature doe) in the DMAP Area, properly fill out a FTIG Fish and Game Harvest Card, before they are permitted to harvest an antlered deer.
2. All archers in these areas are required to have a PA Game Commission Antlerless Tag for WMU 4C or FTIG Deer Management Assistance Program tag.
3. This provision does NOT apply North of Blue Mountain where firearms are permitted.

1. NORTH, SOUTH (West of Bollen Bomb Range Facility) AND EAST TANK TRAILS ARE OFF LIMITS. Tactical vehicle traffic creates an unsafe environment for privately owned vehicles. MWR Outdoor Recreation Participants are allowed to utilize the ASP bypass (Wood Road).
2. Trails in the training area are potentially hazardous and are off-limits to vehicles except where authorized and advertised.
3. Hunters are authorized to drive in training areas from paved roads or designated parking areas by using established trails and roads to retrieve bear and deer only.
4. Parking is permitted along paved roads only. It is unlawful to park vehicles in a manner that blocks roads or presents an unsafe situation.
5. The only 2 gravel trails that are authorized for travel to designated parking areas are in areas D3C & D3D (park on east side of Trail 10) and B9B & B9C.
6. Hunters and wood gathers must be very careful while traveling installation roads and in training areas. Individuals must be aware that tank/truck/tactical vehicle traffic may present a safety hazard.


DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE A DUD (UXO; "bomb, grenade, mortar round, or shell"). IT MIGHT KILL YOU!
Report UXOs immediately to Range Operations at (717) 861-2152/2153 or the Fort Indiantown Gap Police at (717) 861-2727.

1. Fishing is authorized on Indiantown Run from the Wood Road Bridge at St. Joseph's Spring (Cooperative Trout Nursery) South along Route 443, Marquette Lake and Shuey Pond. Parking on/along tank trails (gravel trails) is prohibited. Neither FTIG permit nor registration is required for the above areas.
2. All other streams and ponds in Training Areas are open to registered individuals and subject to the same check-in procedures as hunting or wood gathering.
3. PA Fish and Boat Commission laws will be strictly enforced.
4. Privately owned boats and ice fishing are prohibited on FTIG.

1.    After 31 May 2014 firewood gathering will no longer be permitted in the training areas on Fort Indiantown Gap.
2.    Firewood is for personal use only and not for resale.
3.    Firewood will be available at the yard in Area 6 off Johnson Trail.
4.    Customers will be responsible for cutting and loading their own firewood.
5.    The yard will be open Monday-Friday 0800-1030 and 1200-1400.
a.     Requests for access can be arranged by calling either Forestry or BRM-Grounds.
6.    Fees collected for firewood are
           a.     Full size pick-up truck w/8 foot bed - $25
           b.    Full size pick-up truck w/6 foot bed - $20
           c.     Small pick-up truck (ex: Ranger, S-10, Avalanche, etc) - $15
           d.    Trailers will be measured and fee will be based on $50 per cord (128 cu ft or 4 x 4 x 8 foot).  
7.    All firewood revenues will be deposited into the State Armory Trust Fund to support the firewood program

1.    Cost is $10 per scoop
2.    A Department employee will load chips for the customer.
3.    Revenue is deposited into the Resource Recovery Account to support grinder maintenance

All sales are cash (exact change) only collected on site.

Customers will receive a receipt that should be posted on their vehicle dashboard for the duration of the time it takes to load the firewood or chips.

Only Forestry and BRM-Grounds will have access to the yard and have the ability to conduct sales.

Entry to the wood yard is at your own risk.  The Department assumes no responsibility for damages or loss for any reason.


Forestry Office:
Building 11-19 off of Utility Road
Phone # (717) 861-2882 or (717) 861-9607

Bureau of Reservation Maintenance (BRM) Grounds:
Phone # (717) 861-8870 

This website is an abridged version of FTIG Regulation 215-2 Morale, Welfare, and Recreation: Hunting, Fishing, Woodgathering, and Outdoor Recreation in the Training Areas. All registered users will receive a copy at the Outdoor Recreation Orientation and Safety Brief.

Outdoor Recreation at FTIG is a privilege conditional upon compliance with all the provisions outlined in FTIG Regulation 215-2 Morale, Welfare, and Recreation: Hunting, Fishing, Woodgathering, and Outdoor Recreation in the Training Areas. Participants in the Outdoor Recreation Program do not have exclusive use of training areas as unscheduled military, maintenance, and management activities may occur. Under no circumstances are participants to interfere with military or civilian staff performing their duties.

The phone number for the recording of available training areas open for Outdoor Recreation is (717) 861-2100.

Changes or revisions to FTIG Regulation 215-2 and the Outdoor Recreation Program will be made as deemed necessary. All changes will be posted at the Outdoor Recreation Check-in Facility.

For further information and regulations regarding public recreation at Fort Indiantown Gap, please call the Outdoor Recreation Program Coordinator at (717) 861-2152.

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