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 Garrison and Tenant Organizations

Garrison and Tenant Organizations

Training Site Headquarters

The FTIG Garrison Headquarters is responsible for all operations on the installation.  The office administers and manages the training, engineering, administrative, and logistical operations for assigned, attached, transient, or tenant units, and joint forces activities.

Joint Force Headquarters-Pennsylvania (JFHQ-PA)

JFHQ-PA is the headquarters for both the Army and the Air National Guards of Pennsylvania, providing oversight to all the Soldiers and Airmen in the state.  JFHQ-PA mission is to maintain trained and equipped forces ready to perform missions as directed by state or federal authorities. The headquarters JFHQ-PA supports Homeland Defense, Defense Support to Civil Authorities, and/or other domestic emergency missions.  In addition, the JFHQ-PA provides expertise and situational awareness to Department of Defense authorities to facilitate integration of federal and state activities.

Programs and operations for the approximately 15,000 member Pennsylvania Army National Guard are overseen by the deputy adjutant general – Army (DAG-Army) based out of Fort Indiantown Gap. And Programs and operations for the approximately 4,000 member Pennsylvania Air National Guard are overseen by the deputy adjutant general – Air (DAG-Air) based at Fort Indiantown Gap.

Visit http://pa.ng.mil/JFHQ/

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA)

Pennsylvania's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs  has a dual mission: to provide quality service to the Commonwealth's veterans and their families, and to oversee and support the members of the Pennsylvania National Guard. We fulfill our dual mission by:

1.     Providing resources and assistance to Pennsylvania’s 1 million veterans and their families, and providing quality care for aging and disabled veterans.

2.     Preparing the Pennsylvania National Guard for combat, performing worldwide combat and combat support operations, providing global reach and the projection of U.S. military power in support of national objectives; and, at the command of the governor, providing trained personnel to support state and local authorities in times of natural disaster or civil strife.

Created by the PA General Assembly on April 11, 1973, the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is one of Pennsylvania's largest employers, with more than 21,000 military and civilian personnel in more than 80 communities statewide. It is overseen by the adjutant general, a governor-appointed cabinet-level position.

Visit http://www.dmva.state.pa.us

Recruiting and Retention Battalion

Headquartered at FTIG, The Pennsylvania Army National Guard (PAARNG) Recruiting and Retention Battalion is tasked with maintaining the PAARNG missioned end strength as a force of quality, deployable Soldiers capable of supporting state and federal operations. This task is accomplished by the recruiting and accessing of new Soldiers into the National Guard, preparing them for and shipping them to Basic Combat Training, and assisting units in retaining qualified Soldiers.

With more than 230 Soldiers across the state on Active Duty orders, the Recruiting and Retention Battalion has the greatest number of full-time Soldiers of any unit in the PAARNG. The battalion has Soldiers in every armory as well as some storefronts and government offices so there is a National Guard presence in every community. The battalion also maintains 15 training sites across the state -- including two at FTIG -- to train and prepare new enlistments for Basic Combat Training and their occupational specialty qualifying schools.

In addition to their recruiting mission, the Soldiers of the Recruiting and Retention Battalion support community and school events to provide mentorship and serve as positive role models for Pennsylvania youths. The battalion also hosts an annual statewide high school preseason wrestling tournament at Ft. Indiantown Gap, involving more than 100 of the top Pennsylvania high school wrestlers.

Counterdrug Joint Task Force

The mission of the PA Counterdrug Joint Task Force (CJTF) directly supports the Commonwealth’s Mission to improve the safety and welfare of citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PA CJTF leverages unique National Guard capabilities to support community efforts against illicit drugs and emerging threats. Its four missions are:

Operational Support to Law Enforcement
Assist in the disruption of illicit drug financing, production, transportation and distribution. Guardsmen provide support ranging from criminal analysis to ground and aerial observation to engineer support.

Drug Demand Reduction Community Outreach
With key organizations Guardsmen work in their communities to mentor youth and deliver anti-drug messages to youths and adults.

Substance Abuse/Prevention, Treatment and Outreach
Provide programs and services that ensure readiness for Guardsmen and for the wellness of their families.

Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC)
Please see the Tenant Training Units webpage for more information.

Visit http://www.counterdrug.org

3rd Civil Support Team (CST)

Pennsylvania’s 3rd Civil Support Team (CST) is a 22-personnel full time force, which provides state and regional chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) response capability in the form of recognition, analysis, prediction, and active monitoring.  The CERFP is 186-personnel force with 5 full time personnel and the remainder traditional National Guard Soldiers and Airmen. The CERFP provides Search and Extraction, Decontamination, Medical Triage, and Limited Care capabilities in response to a CBRN event in the State, and or regionally.

28th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB)

The 28th CAB is a heavy aviation unit of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. It is one of five brigades of the 28th Infantry Division. The 28th CAB provides aviation assets for both federal and state active duty missions. The aviators of the 28th CAB fly the UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64D Apaches and CH-47F Chinook helicopters.  The 28th CAB mission is to find, fix, and destroy enemy forces using maneuver to concentrate and sustain combat power at the critical time and place, as an integrated member of the combined arms team. The CAB destroys enemy forces using fire, maneuver, and shock effect. The 28th CAB is capable of conducting all aviation missions including conducting close combat attack, mobile strike, reconnaissance, security, air assault, air movement, command and control, air traffic services, casualty evacuation, aerial MEDEVAC, personnel recovery, downed aircraft recovery, aerial mine delivery and FARP operations.

United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO)

The mission of the United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO) for Pennsylvania, Fort Indiantown Gap, is to receive and account for all funds and property of the United States government in the possession of the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard and to ensure that federal funds are obligated and expended in conformance with applicable statues and regulations. Divisions within USPFO include resource management, supply and services, analysis and internal review, data processing, purchasing and contracting and administration. The USPFO manages the federal logistics support system for the state and, upon mobilization of a unit, provides the support necessary for the transition of the mobilized entity into active duty status.

All Army Sports

Fort Indiantown Gap is proud to host the All Army Sports Camps in women’s basketball, tae kwon do and women’s softball.  All Army Sports is the Army’s branch of the Armed Forces Sports Program.  The Armed Forces Sports program strives to promote goodwill among the Armed Services, positive image of the Armed Services, incentive and encourage physical fitness by promoting a highly competitive sports program, and provide the avenue for military athletes to participate in national and international competitions.  The Armed Forces Sports Programs includes 18 Armed Forces Championships, 7 National Championships and 20 International Championships within Conseil International du Sports Militaire (CISM).  CISM hosts The Military World games. The Military World Games are a multisport, multinational event organized every four years, one year before the year the Olympic Games are organized.
Visit http://www.armymwr.com/recleisure/sportsandfitness/all_army_sports.aspx


US Army Research Laboratory Robotics Research Facility

The Army Research Laboratory uses the Robotics Research Facility and nearby training areas to evaluate technologies that result from basic and applied research efforts in autonomous systems.  This resource enables the achievement of advances in machine perception, intelligence, human-robot interaction, and unique mobility.  Since 2001 ARL has conducted numerous technology assessments at FTIG, involving autonomous unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned air vehicles, which have been a tremendous asset to the Army's Robotics program.

Air National Guard - 193rd Special Operations Wing Regional Support Group

Fort Indiantown Gap is home to components of the 193rd Special Operations Wing's Regional Support Group.

The 148th Air Support Operations Squadron provides combat-ready Tactical Air Control Parties for combat maneuver units of the 28th Infantry Division including the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Their primary job is to provide mission planning of direct combat air support and operate and supervise communications nets to support Air Force air resources and Army ground maneuver units.

The 201st RED HORSE Squadron supports combat air power and provides commander in chiefs (CINCs), federal and state authorities a flexible, well-rounded, heavy construction and repair capability anytime, anywhere.

The 203rd Weather Flight is a small, elite unit that analyzes and predicts atmospheric conditions for pilots, war planners, and decision makers.

The mission of the 211th  Engineering Installation Squadron is to engineer, install, and relocate fixed command, control, communications, and computer (C4) systems in facilities.

The 271st Combat Communications Squadron is to deploy, operate, and maintain tactical communications packages in support of Air Force missions worldwide or civil and disaster-relief missions within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The 271st  CBCS can provide command and control satellite nets, intra-site telephone services, data services, tactical switchboard, communications center operations, network, and multi-site voice communications.

The Air National Guard Band of the Mid-Atlantic is assigned to the dual missions of supporting regional Air National Guard units through performances in ceremonies, activities and recruiting tours; and public relations concert tours for the Air National Guard and the "Total Air Force".

Visit http://www.193sow.ang.af.mil/units/index.asp

Other organizations on post include: United States Army Reserve, Association of Civilian Technicians (ACT), Navy & Marine Corp Reserve, Navy and Marine Corp Reserve, USMC League, AMVETS, Civil Air Patrol, Pennsylvania State Police, Army Transformation Team, Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS)

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