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 Facilities and Services


Shopping Center

Bldg. 9-120
The Fort Indiantown Gap shopping center offers a mini-AAFES PX, barber shop, military clothing and sales, and a Subway.
The AAFES mini-PX operates several self-serve fuel pumps and offers a large selection of convenience items including: personal care items, housewares, snacks, drinks, electronics, reading material, stamps and class VI beverages. Check cashing and an ATM are available. The hours are:
Monday-Friday 0630-1930*
Saturday 0800-1930*
Sunday 0800-1600*
Call (717) 861-2714
Hours are extended during the training season.

Military Clothing and Sales

Bldg. 9-120
Monday-Saturday 0900-1800*
Sunday 0900-1500*
Call (717) 861-2490 for more information.

Barber Shop

Bldg. 9-120
Monday-Saturday 0900-1700*
Sunday Closed*
Call (717) 861-2714


Bldg. 9-120
Monday-Thursday 0700-2000*
Friday-Saturday 0700-2030*
Sunday 0700-1500*
Call (717) 865-1700

Community Club

Bldg. 9-65
The Fort Indiantown Gap Community Club is open to the community as well as military organizations, and serves as the installation’s all ranks club. The Club is available for banquet and catering services and offers a variety of rooms for group events such as dining in/out, weddings, promotions, birthday parties and other special events.   The facility consists of a cafeteria area, several meeting and banquet halls, a game room and a pub area.  Catering is available with a variety of menus that may be tailored to the event. Lunch is served Monday through Friday in the cafeteria area.  Daily lunch specials are served along with short order meals and beverages. Light snacks are served after hours in the pub area.
Monday-Friday 1500-2300 (lunch 1100-1300)*
Saturday 1500-0100*
Call (717) 861-2450

Boxcar Coffee Shop

Bldg. 9-65
The Boxcar Coffee Shop, located at the Community Club, serves light breakfast items and coffee. Bring your computer and enjoy free Wi-Fi while you have a cup of joe.
Monday-Friday 0600-1030*
Call (717) 861-2450

Car Care Center

Bldg. 7-31
The Car Care Center at Fort Indiantown Gap provides a variety of general automotive repair and services for foreign and domestic cars, light duty trucks, and minivans. Included but not limited to services such as: 1) State Inspection and Emissions Testing, 2) Oil changes, 3) Filter replacement, 4) Tire change/rotation/balancing/alignments, 5) Suspension repair/services, 6) Exhaust repair/service, 7) Electrical repair/service, 8) Transmission and other power train repair/service, 9) Minor body work, 10) HVAC/radiator repair/service, 11) Brakes, steering, 12) Glass repair/replacement, 13) General tune ups, and other routine maintenance work. The Car Care Center is open to all employees at Fort Indiantown Gap and to the general public.
Monday-Friday 0800-1700
Saturday By appointment only
Sunday Closed
Call (717) 861-5440

New Cumberland Federal Credit Union

Bldg. 9-121
The credit union is available to individuals who live, work, worship, or attend school in Lebanon, Dauphin, and Cumberland counties. If you have a question on your eligibility please call 1-800-716-2328.
Monday 0830–1530*
Tuesday 0830–1530*
Wednesday 1000–1530*
Thursday 0830–1600*
Friday 0830–1800*
Call (717) 865-3262
Visit http://www.ncfcuonline.org


The installation does not have a commissary. The closest commissary is located at Carlisle Barracks approximately 40 miles away. However, multiple local grocery stores and national chains are located within 10 miles of FTIG.
Call (717) 245-3105
Visit http://www.commissaries.com/stores/html/store.cfm?dodaac=HQCNE9

Keystone Conference Center, and Sergeants’ Grove Picnic Area

Bldg. 17-104
The Keystone Conference Center (KCC) is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is located adjacent to Sergeants’ Grove Picnic Are. The center offers 10,000 square feet of space for official meetings, conferences and functions for the Pennsylvania National Guard and other state and federal agencies. It is available for unofficial uses such as parties, receptions, showers, and functions of all kinds. Sergeants’ Grove offers an informal outdoor location great for picnics.
Call (717) 861-8581
Visit http://www.dmva.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/ft__indiantown_gap/7269/keystone_conference_center/747437

Chaplain Support

Offices Bldg. 0-47
Post Chapel Bldg. 0-8
Area 12 Chapel Bldg. 12-91
The chaplain provides pastoral care for military technicians and Active Guard personnel employed within the state.   Pastoral counseling is offered as requested to FTIG personnel.  When available, the chaplain is able to provide support for units training at FTIG without organic chaplain support.  The staff works in conjunction with the Army and Air chaplains, the Family Action Center and Family Readiness groups, to ensure Soldier readiness and well being.
Sunday Services take place at the Post Chapel. All are welcome.
0730 Roman Catholic Mass*
1100 Protestant/Non Denominational*
The Post Chapel is available for outside use such as weddings, christenings and baptisms. Use is coordinated through the training site.
Call (717) 861-9212 for chaplain support
Call (717) 861-2784 to arrange for Post Chapel use.

Service Member and Family Support (SMFS)

The Service Member and Family Support Division provides a variety of services and information that mitigates stress and promotes quality of life for service and family members before, during and after a mobilization. Some of the free programs include: access to certified financial planners, access to behavioral health and Military Life and Family Counselors, Youth Camps, TRICARE assistance, ID cards issue, post deployment medical screening, resiliency training, employment outreach programs and Employer Support to the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) and support to the families of Fallen Heroes.

SMFS is broken down into six branches, they are:
Family Programs-call (717) 861-9676
Yellow Ribbon-call (717) 861-2597
Post Deployment Health Reassessments (PDHRA)-call (717) 861-6842
Casualty-call (717) 861-8510
Support Services-call (717) 861-8173
Behavioral Health-call (717) 861-6357 
To reach the director call (717) 861-2534

Education Services Office

Bldg. 9-54
The Education Services Office provides a variety of services for all components of the armed services, as well as service-member spouses and children.  The office assists with: testing (CLEP, GMAT, SAT, ACT etc.), guidance counseling on degree planning, career counseling, and obtaining financial assistance through EAP, FTA, and GI Bill.  On-site associates, bachelor's and master's degree programs are also offered.

Call 1-866-920-7902 email address:


Bldg. 0-47
Visit http://mypay.dfas.mil for current LES and pay information. The Fort Indiantown Gap USPFO Resource Management office can reset MyPin pin numbers when requested in person.  For other pay issues, contact your chain of command. For PA Army National Guard Soldiers, additional services offered include assistance with travel entitlements and vouchers, Defense Travel System help desk, and the Government Travel Card. 
Travel - (717) 861-8370/8371
Defense Travel System - (717) 861-9661/8370/8404
Government Travel Card - (717) 861-8766

Medical Detachment

Bldg. 4-115
The medical detachment provides medical services to Pennsylvania National Guard Soldiers, as well as supports all troops going through the mobilization process at Fort Indiantown Gap.  Services provided include: immunizations, annual medical requirements such as periodic health assessments (PHA), vision screening, HIV draws, hearing and dental exams. The medical detachment also is the medical records custodian for all Pennsylvania National Guard Soldiers.
Call (717) 861-2769
Call (717) 861-6537 for records

Fort Indiantown Gap Troop Medical Clinic

Bldg. 4-114
The Troop Medical Clinic, located on Hawkins Road, serves ages 3 to 65. Priority is given to active duty Soldiers and Soldiers on annual training or in military school. Civilian employees are seen for emergencies and routine occupational health care. Dependents, retirees, and retiree dependents are seen on a space available basis. The medical clinic is a satellite facility of Dunham Army Health Clinic, Carlisle Barracks.

Primary Care Services 
Available for acute illness, minor accidents; follow up care for chronic illness, and preventive care. Dependents, retirees, and retiree dependents are seen on a space available basis, with priority going to TRICARE Prime patients.

Courier services are provided via Dunham Army Health Clinic for medications daily.

Information is available for all TRICARE programs. A liaison is available to assist patients in resolving medical or insurance problems. Appointments for TRICARE issues can be made by calling (717) 861-8290 or (717) 245-4112.

Appointment Information
Space available appointments are made by calling 861-2091. Appointments are scheduled during business hours. Emergencies are seen anytime during business hours. Walk-in patients are seen on space available or are given appointments.

Laboratory Services
Labs are drawn Monday, Wednesday, Friday 0730-0900.

Radiology Services
Diagnostic testing is available on-site per physician referral.

After Duty Hours Information
After hours, patients are seen at local civilian emergency rooms. Emergencies on post are handled by calling 911 from a post phone.  TRICARE beneficiaries will need to use the Nurse Advise Line (800-874-2273 Option 1) to access direct care and medical advice when clinics are closed.  For more information on features of the Nurse Advise Line, please visit the website at http://dunham.narmc.amedd.army.mil/default.aspx and click on the Nurse Advice Line tab under “Services”.

Policy on Children in the Clinic
Children are not allowed in exam rooms unless they are directly seeking medical care. Children under age 10 must be in direct line-of-sight of parent or guardian at all times. Children over age 10 must have appropriate supervision and will remain in waiting area during parent’s appointment.

0730-1600 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
0730-1200 Thursday (Closed Weekends and Holidays)
0730-0830 Sick Call for AT/ADT/Schools

Active Duty Sick Call is by appointment only

Clinic Appointments: (717) 861-2091
TRICARE Liaison: (717) 861-8290 or (717) 245-4112

Dental Clinic

Fort Indiantown Gap does not have a dental clinic.  The nearest dental clinic is located at Carlisle Barracks.  National Guard and Reserve personnel must bring current orders to receive treatment.
Call (717) 245-4542
Visit http://dunham.narmc.amedd.army.mil/Pages/DentalClinic.aspx

*All Posted Hours Subject To Change At Any Time - Call Each Entity To Verify Hours*

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