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Bldg. 11-7

Fort Indiantown Gap offers a variety of lodging options to meet your training needs and intent for any unit size.  Our lodging team strives for clean, attractive and well-maintained buildings.  Many of our facilities have been renovated within the last five years. 

The lodging areas are scattered throughout the garrison area and most are within walking distance to the post amenities.

Cottages, suites and transient quarters are available for space-a rental.  Reservations may be made 24-hours in advance. 

Call (717) 861-2512/2540 for any questions and current availability.

Check-In and Check-Out
Check-in is Saturday through Thursday from 1400-1630 and Friday 1400-2000 or mission dependant.  After hours, registration and key pick-up may be done at the Fort Indiantown Gap police station, building 7-5.

Check-out is before 1100.  Late check-outs may be arranged with the billeting staff.  A $25 fee is assessed for unauthorized late check-outs.

The billeting office accepts MasterCard and Visa.  Personal checks are not accepted, however, cash and money orders may be used.

Distinguished Visitor Quarters
Our lake-view three bedroom two bath homes come with all the amenities. A flat screen television with satellite is located in the living room which is furnished with comfortable seating and a fireplace.  A full kitchen is equipped with pots and pans and assorted cooking utensils, flatware, eight dinnerware place settings and all appliances.  A grill and picnic area is located nearby for cookouts. The en suite master bath has a garden tub.  The laundry room comes with a washer and dryer, iron and ironing board. Commercial internet and phone service is available at no additional cost. The houses may be reserved for general officers on official duty status. Daily housekeeping service is provided. $65 a night; additional guests incur a cost of $8 per night.

Our one bedroom newly renovated cottages come with lots of amenities and charm.  Flat screen televisions with satellite are located in the living room area and a kitchenette comes with pots and pans and assorted cooking utensils, flatware, eight dinnerware place settings and all appliances.  Commercial internet and phone service is available at no additional cost.  The cottages may be reserved for O-6 and higher on official duty status and all others may rent on a space available basis. Daily housekeeping service is provided. Single bedroom $35 per night; additional guests incur a cost of $8 a night.


**(Area 14 suites are currently being remodeled.)**

The installation offers two different styles of clean and comfortable suites. Washers and dryers are located in each of the buildings. Most suites come with commercial internet, satellite television and phones.

Area 14 suites come with a double bed and sitting area with a refrigerator, coffeepot, television and microwave.  A shared bathroom is located between two rooms. 

Our new suites, built in Area 6, come with flat screen televisions, coffee pot, and a single bed. Each room has a private bath.

Suites may be reserved for officers O-4 and higher, warrant officers CW3 and higher and NCOs E8 and higher on official duty status. All others may rent on a space available basis.  Daily housekeeping service is provided. $25 per night.

Single Room Chargeable Transient Quarter (CTQs)
Fort Indiantown Gap’s CTQs act as the installations bachelor officer quarters and bachelor enlisted quarters. There are more than 600 rooms available for personnel training on the installation or on orders.  The rooms are outfitted with a bed, desk, wall locker, mini-fridge, heating and all have air conditioning.  There are common use latrines.  A comfortable day room offers internet connectivity and satellite television.  Some rooms have televisions. Daily housekeeping services are provided.

CTQs may be reserved for: officers, warrant officers and NCOs E-7 and higher training with units. Soldiers of any rank on official orders may stay here.  All others may rent on a space available basis. $8 or $10 per night.

More than $2.7 million was invested in barracks renovations in 2010. All of our barracks are located close to one or more of the Soldier amenities such as the Blue Mountain Sports Arena, Warrior Fitness Center, athletic fields, PX and Recreation Center. The installation has room for more than 6,000 troops. 

The typical barracks on Fort Indiantown Gap hold 60 Soldiers in an open-bay style with four cadre rooms per building and a common latrine. Each Soldier has a wall locker and bunk. Newly renovated barracks have air conditioning.

Our newest barracks located in Area 6 are in high demand year round.  These barracks have four bays with 40 bunks each.  Each bay has its own latrine.  There are administrative and supply spaces with weapon vaults in each of the buildings.

Tactical Training Base (TTB)
Designed to simulate the austere conditions Soldiers may encounter in a deployed environment, the TTB is able to house approximately 800 troops in permanent buildings.  The site has four dining facilities with electric, supply buildings and a designated motor pool.

Administrative/Classroom/Supply Buildings
Depending on unit strength administrative buildings are available.  Most buildings come with basic amenities such as tables and chairs and a latrine.  Some buildings come with internet connectivity. Call 861-8158 for more information.

Dining Facilities
Units may also draw one of the more than 20 dining facilities on post. In general, dining facilities seat approximately 80-100 Soldiers and a dining facility is needed for about every 225 Soldiers. The newly constructed Area 6 dining facility is able to seat a much larger number of troops.  For more information on food service, please see the section on Food Service.

Two fully equipped laundromats are on post located in buildings 4-29 and 12-10.  Laundry soap and dryer sheets are available at self-service kiosks.

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